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SEA WATCHER 100 is Thales’ active phased array radar for naval surface surveillance. The system automatically detects and tracks surface targets ranging from very small asymmetric threats such as mines, swimmers and periscopes to ships in all weather conditions. In addition SEA WATCHER 100 can act as a backup for helicopter guidance.


SEA WATCHER 100 is specifically designed for operation in littoral environments.   SEA WATCHER 100 is designed to be the main surface surveillance radar for naval platforms operating in open seas and littoral waters. The system provides an early warning that leaves sufficient time for effective actions. It seamlessly integrates with the combat management system to provide the crew with a detailed surface picture day and night and under all weather conditions.


The all-in-one radar approach facilitates the ease of use of SEA WATCHER 100; no special mode settings are required. SEA WATCHER 100 operates fully automatically.