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In service as the Royal Navy's latest ASaC radar system, it provides organic fleet protection (Sea Shield) and power projection (Sea Strike).
The system comprises a high-power Pulse Doppler radar integrated with Mk XII IFF, ESM and an INS/GPS navigation system. An advanced Human Computer Interface, specifically designed by and for ASaC operations, using twin operating consoles ensures efficient, effective Operator interaction.

From its unique vantage point, the system provides:
· Long range warning against high and low level attack over land, sea & air
· Long range intercept direction of fighter aircraft using a high resolution INS/GPS Navigation System
· An autonomous secure air defence C2 unit
· A sophisticated maritime surveillance system providing detection of very small, fleeting targets, such as jet skis and periscopes, against high background clutter
· An extension of surface-based systems to provide Over The Horizon Targeting, Search and Rescue and Coastal Surveillance
· Special Enforcement Operations
Under combat conditions, the system has been shown to provide an effect "mini-JSTARS" capability with a flexibility of response that can be instantly switched from Force Protection (Sea Shield) to Force Projection (Sea Strike) via a secure data link (Force Net)

Operator Facilities
A comprehensive Human Computer Interface includes large, high-resolution, flat-panel colour displays and interactive control panels (ICPs).
Each display provides a clutter-free radar picture with pop-up data plaque windows.
The ICPs provide system control, mini display areas for target profiles, raid assessment information, zoom-in radar coverage displays, rapid multi-mode system setup and text messages displays.

Searchwater ASaC is an advanced, highpowered, Pulse Doppler radar with long range air to air look up/look down capability. The radar is specifically
designed for AEW&C applications over land and sea.
The radar incorporates multi-bar scanning for multiple level raid detection. Pulse
Doppler/Pulse Envelope interlacing allows targets to be detected at maximum range and tracked through littorial background clutter.
Operator facilities are provided for manual and automatic, multiple target tracking.
Intercept information can then be continuously relayed to the interceptor aircraft or surface based assets via data link or voice.
Whilst specifically designed for AEW, the radar still retains Searchwater's outstanding maritime surveillance and maritime reconnaissance capabilities including surface target classification facilities. A new GMTI mode is also incorporated which to provides an combat proven overland detection capability.

Radar Modes
· Air-to-Air (Look Up & Look Down)
· Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI)
· Maritime Surveillance (ASW/ASuW)
Open Water
· Navigation/Ground Mapping
· Target Classification
· Weather
· Beacon

Pulse Doppler Overland Detection and Tracking
The combat proven, high performance GMTI and doppler radar, together with a littoral surveillance mode, allows targets to be tracked over land and through coastal waters.
The radar is specifically designed to detect small targets in sub-land and sea clutter and discriminate between high velocity airborne targets from a multitude of lower velocity land targets.