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Thales offers SWARM, a self contained, stabilised, weapon and sensor system that can be fitted to most types of military and civil vehicles, naval and coastguard vessels and fixed platforms, e.g. border posts. Remote operation allows the operator to be fully protected under armour.SWARM can accommodate a wide range of low calibre weapons and visual sensors to meet most applications. SWARM can be integrated with existing fire control systems and accepts inputs from sighting systems and gyroscopes where available.

Main characteristics
- Modular for ease of integration
- Can be optimised for a wide range of platform dynamics and environments.
- SWARM fully stabilised
- Remote operation
- Manual reversionary mode with a 7.62mm, 12.7mm (0.5") Machine Gun, a 40mm grenade launcher, a chain gun, a thermal imager, low light TV, conventional camera
- "No Fire" zones
- Selectable fire burst rate, ballistic and calibration offset, rounds remaining display, safety interlocks
- Lightweight system under 150kg and under 700mm height (weapon dependent)
- Expanded to battlefield management systems, communications, combat ID, laser range finder and defensive aid suites
- Several modes of operation: fully stabilised, standby, manual, stowed, and calibration.

Our products
- SWARM MW - In service with UK and NL forces
          - TIM (Thermal Imager) option
          - CELT (LRF) option
     o SWARM Lite
          - Zoom Day Camera
          -  Zoom Colour Day/Night Camera (option)