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Thales’ TACAN family is the most diverse and mission-focused line of products available today

Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) is a component crucial to military pilots in conducting their operations. TACAN, as a radio navigation aid, provides equipped aircraft with bearing and distance to a fixed base facility, temporary location or naval vessel.

To further increase its 50+ year legacy of navigation aids expertise, Thales acquired Moog’s surface navigation aids business, to provide a more comprehensive TACAN offering to its customers worldwide.

Based on 800+ references spanning the globe and a large installed base in United States, Thales has extensive expertise in TACAN across all possible surface applications. TACAN equipment are deployed for military applications and for civil environment.

Thales is the only Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) designing and producing both ground and airborne TACAN equipment, thus providing customers with expertise in whole system capabilities and interoperability.

4 configurations designed for all surface military environments and civil applications

Ground-fixed TACAN designed for air-to-ground operations

Building on decades of experience successfully developing Ground-fixed TACAN systems around the world, Thales offers its customers the Ground-fixed equipment designed for air-to-ground operations.
Thales’ fixed TACANs are permanently installed at air bases, naval bases or other navigation points to provide non-precision approach and en-route navigation capabilities

Deployable TACAN designed for air-to-ground operations

Thales’ mobile and man-portable TACAN systems are deployed at temporary locations, such as forward operating bases, or for restoral service where fixed TACAN is non-operational either in military or civil environment, offering the same fundamental capabilities in all circumstances.

Shipboard TACAN designed for air-to-naval ship operations

Ideal for aircraft to locate moving vessels and use familiar navigation techniques at sea. With more than 90% of the world installed base, Thales has unparalleled leadership in this segment.

Man-portable TACAN designed for air-to-ground operations

in temporary operations, including harsh environments

The man-portable TACAN is recognized as the world smallest technologically advanced TACAN available today and providing the same fundamental navaids capabilities.

To operate successfully, all Thales TACAN systems are fully compliant with NATO STANAG and all other relevant international standards

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