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Building on extensive experience in critical information systems and electronics, Thales offers a complete range of advanced software engineering solutions, from system definition to through-life support.

Control and supervision systems

Based on embedded software or real-time applications, Thales systems process heterogeneous data from sensors or integrated devices. After checking and prediction processing, this information is then either presented to the system operator for decision support or used to operate the system securely in pseudo stand-alone mode.

Onboard systems

Thales is the leading provider of onboard systems for aerospace, space and defence applications. The company’s proven expertise in programme management and engineering includes industrial prime contracting, quality assurance, system dependability and obsolescence management. From flight management systems to in-flight entertainment, Thales software is used on over half of all shipborne and airborne systems built in Europe.

Scientific data management

Thales offers a range of software solutions for processing large volumes of data generated by observation and navigation systems. These solutions process, manage, display, enhance and exploit data resources to provide users with relevant information at all times. Meta-data and resources are archived to optimise ease of access.

Intensive data processing

Thales designs, develops, integrates and maintains intensive scientific and technical data processing solutions relying on advanced algorithms in fields such as resource optimisation, imaging, flight dynamics, positioning signals and telecommunications. Thales solutions meet the most demanding requirements in terms of performance, integrity and volume.

Combat systems

Thales designs and develops software for combat aircraft, unmanned vehicles and radar systems. Applications include threat detection, tracking and identification, as well as mission planning, debriefing and technical analysis software.

Test benches and simulators

Thales provides an array of automated validation and simulation solutions for actual systems and research applications, speeding the test and replay cycle and automatically generating test results in user-configurable formats.