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    September 24-27 2019 / Gdansk, Poland

  • Parkopolis

    June 19-20 2019 / Paris, France

  • UITP Summit 2019 | June 09-12 | Stockholm

    June 09-12 2019 / Stockholm, Sweden

  • Movin'On

    June 4-6 2019 / Montreal, Canada

  • Faster and more resilient communications for NATO naval forces

    For armed forces on joint and allied operations, the ability to share vast amounts of tactical information in the battlespace is crucially important.

  • Digital transformation in the theatre of operations

    Sooner than we realize, military battles will be fought on the basis of a single unified combat network comprised of soldiers, vehicles, command posts and sensors, all of them operating in complete synergy and in near real time. Decision-taking time on the battlefield will be reduced to seconds, providing a critical tactical advantage over the adversary.

  • New German corvettes to be better protected thanks to Thales monitoring fire control system

    MIRADOR Mk2 is a compact, Electro-Optical observation and tracking system that Thales will deliver to the German Navy for the new corvettes (K130). This contract, together with the one signed in March 2018 for the delivery of the TACTICOS infrastructure for the Combat Direction System (CDS), completes the share Thales has in the K130 project.

  • Guaranteeing system availability without the maintenance empire

    How Performance Based Logistics (PBL) partnerships can safeguard operational readiness and solve staffing and inventory issues

  • Thales Enables the Future of Digital Payment Innovations with Next-Generation Payment Hardware Security Module

    Thales, a leader in critical information systems, cybersecurity and data protection, announces the availability of a next-generation payment hardware security module (HSM), payShield 10K, enabling customers to adopt new innovative digital payment technologies easily and securely. The new payment HSM secures digital payments at lower processing costs by using a fraction of the energy. It also streamlines operations and supports the latest standards for real-time payments, open banking and secure remote commerce.

  • Towards an inclusive culture and the respect of our differences

    This Friday May 17 2019, Thales has reinforced its commitment to fight against discrimination within the Group by signing the LGBT + (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Commitment Charter initiated by the Autre Cercle association in France.