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  • Written in the stars: ISS celebrates its 20th birthday

    The story of the largest spacecraft ever built began with the launch from Kazakhstan of its first component, Zarya, on November 20, 1998.

  • Happy 25th birthday to our partner TIMC!

    On 16th November, Microwave & Imaging Sub-Systems (MIS) was at the World Trade Center in Grenoble to celebrate the 25th birthday of industrial partner TIMC (Techniques of Medical Engineering & Complexity). With a stand at the event on which to showcase our latest radiology products and innovations developed with our partner, it was the perfect opportunity to show what collaboration can achieve!

  • MissionLINK: True Global Reach for Military and Security Operations

    Up until now, military broadband communications contact has not had the 100% coverage—regardless of landscape or location—that is today offered by Thales MissionLINK on a 24/7 basis. Here's what makes it possible.

  • VesseLINK: A true revolution in global connectivity for fishing and shipping

    Up until recently,broadband communications could not be guaranteed always and everywhere!. Today, Thales VesseLINK provides 100% coverage, including in the Arctic and the polar region, assuring ships safe and reliable voice and broadband data communications. Here's what changed to make it possible.

  • Spanish Armed Forces rely on Thales military radio-communications since 25 years

    Using the most cutting-edge technologies for a secure battlespace digitization in all combat scenarios, Thales has actively participated in these communications improvements since 1992.

  • Cygnus_800 - Thalesgroup
    Cygnus en route for ISS!

    November 17th 2018 - The latest Cygnus cargo vessel has been successfully launched from NASA’s Flight Facility on Wallops Island, Virginia, using an Antares rocket. This was the 10th Cygnus operational mission, ferrying supplies to the astronauts on the International Space Station.

  • Cygnus_800 - Thalesgroup
    Latest Cygnus cargo craft headed to International Space Station

    The 27-cubic-meter enhanced Pressurized Cargo Module (PCM) developed by Thales Alenia Space is delivering 3,350 kg of cargo

  • Saving Lives by jamming Signals with Electronic Countermeasures

    The allied convoy approaches the village, not knowing that insurgents have buried radio-controlled Improvised Explosive Devices at its entrance.

  • Putting the LGBT+ in Diversity

    We believe that diversity and inclusion makes for a stronger workforce. Without inclusion, there is no diversity. Callum Simpson-Fryer is a Systems Engineer at Thales and one of the founding members of the new UK LGBT+ group at Thales.

  • Thales and Nettitude announce teaming agreement to provide combined cyber threat intelligence and monitoring.

    Announced today at the Cyber Security Summit in London, Thales and Nettitude, part of the Lloyd’s Register (LR) Group, have signed a teaming agreement to work together to provide enhanced cyber threat intelligence and monitoring across critical national infrastructure markets and financial services.