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  • PARTNER-C new-generation communications management system from Thales will revolutionise naval communications

    The digital transformation offers the ideal opportunity for Thales to provide naval forces around the world with the modern, high-performance solutions they need to operate their communication systems simply and reliably.

  • altesse vign
    Thales unveils ALTESSE-H, a new communications electronic warfare solution for naval defence

    At the Euronaval 2018 future naval technologies exhibition in Paris, Thales is launching ALTESSE-H, a new communications electronic warfare solution with a highly intuitive user interface.

  • Illuminating the deepest, darkest corners with I-Master

    Border control have concerns that people are attempting to make their way across extremely dangerous, desolate terrain, in an attempt to cross the border into the country…

  • Thales makes a donation to Scottish Mountain Rescue

    The mountains of Scotland offer an opportunity for explorers to see some of the most dramatic scenery anywhere in the UK. However, sometimes things can go badly wrong in the mountains; be it through bad weather,…

  • Tampa Microwave Delivers Terminals to the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB)

    Tampa Microwave, LLC delivered (23) 1.3m, (10) 65cm terminals and (10) 95cm upgrade kits to the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB

  • Tampa Microwave LLC Announces Approval to Operate Across the WGS Constellation for Their New TM130 SATCOM Terminal

    Tampa Microwave, LLC a leading provider of rugged, highly portable Satellite Communications (SATCOM) terminals announced today that it has received authorization to operate on the WGS satellite constellation for the X-Band variant of its newly released TM130V(2).

  • How can artificial intelligence improve cybersecurity?

    The bad guys are gaining ground! At least that's the perception of many IT security directors and professionals in the field working to protect their organisations from cyberthreats.

  • Thales and French Army to boost land forces equipment maintenance

    The French defence ministry and Thales have set up a joint logistic support platform to share best practices for electronic systems support as part of the MCO-Terre 2025 land forces through-life support transformation plan.

  • Spanish Army shares its experience of using its BMS with Thales

    On 7 November, a delegation of senior Thales staff from 15 countries in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific visited the Spanish Army's Brigada Guadarrama XII at the El Goloso military base near Madrid.

  • Why a revolutionary laser ‘chirp’ won the Nobel Prize in Physics

    How the 2018 Nobel for Physics is making cancer treatment, semiconductor manufacturing and more possible. How laser tech leader Thales helped accelerate sub-atomic particles in centimetres instead of kilometres. And how one led to the other. Read on.