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WebSentryTM is a flexible, cost effective and comprehensive e-commerce security solution that - at the same time - can enhance transaction throughput. Broad connectivity/platform options and support for industry standard protocols/algorithms mean WebSentryTM works with most systems, including those based on SETTM and SSL. Beyond e-commerce, it also provides cryptographic functions - including key generation, encryption and digital signatures - for a wide range of PKI applications.

Digital signatures and Public Key platforms themselves require high levels of security and performance to support cryptographic processing. To fulfill these requirements, Thales provides specialised devices for optimising these cryptographic calculations within a tamper-proof high security hardware: WebSentryTM. Designed with e-Business in mind, especially optimised for Digital Signature application security, WebSentryTM offers best performance, high levels of security and second to none reliability for these highly demanding environments.

As the need for securing application servers' processes expands, a new breed of security modules must also allow for these security processes to be kept highly secure. The WebSentryTM Crypto Module is a typical example of such security modules that offer not only high security for keys and processes, but are also capable of delivering other very important benefits for application server security:
* Reliability of service, through the use of failover-capable hardware architectures
* Ease of integration, by offering a wide range of development interface to allow for seamless and standard-based integration of security into the application server architecture
* Scalability and High Performance, using optimised cryptographic processors and a transparent high performance architecture that automatically offers load balancing to applications

And when protecting databases demands the extra security of encryption, WebSentryTM integrates with database systems to provide flexible and scalable 'column level' encryption that delivers both high security and performance.
Securing applications is about making the right choices. For many, that means hardware protection of cryptographic keys and processes, leaving open other options like choice of programming environment, operating system or cryptographic interface. Thales provides readily integrated hardware security for virtually all application environments, delivering better security, more performance and easier management and control.
In the Middle Office, WebSentryTM integrates into application server environments to secure a broad range of applications. With a choice of development interface (including PKCS#11, Java Cryptographic Extension or OpenSSL) and operating system (Windows, Solaris or Linux) there really is no easier way of adding hardware security to applications in the middle office.

Products in the WebSentryTM family are:
* WebSentryTM Ethernet with TCP/IP connectivity
* WebSentryTM Manager software for installation, commissioning and diagnostics
* WebSentryTM PKCS#11 programming interface supporting multiple devices Smart card reader with integrated PINPad for secure master key loading