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Enhancing operational capabilities

Changing and increasing operational requirements lead Air Forces all over the world to reconsider the potential of their existing combat aircraft. The upgrading of their assets meets these needs by providing them with improved technical and operational capacities.

Capitalizing on its long term experience, and furthermore leveraging the systems or equipment developed for the latest generation of fighter aircraft, Thales is the partner of choice to offer upgrade solutions dedicated to a large range of combat aircraft.

In order to meet the Air Forces’ highest expectations, Thales constantly supplies innovative complete mission electronics package for fighters based on advanced technology and industrial excellence: fire control radars, electronic warfare, optronics, communications, radio-navigation and identification system, navigation/attack system, cockpit display system, helmet mounted sight, avionics suite, electrical power generation and associated support and service.

Thales ensures associated support and service across the globe. In close link with these upgrades, predictive maintenance devices extend aircraft’s service life while optimizing their operational readiness. To answer these issues Thales develops innovative digital tools of data capture and data processing leveraging on its expertise in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

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