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  • Shared Situational Awareness through accurate Recognised Ground Picture
  • Federates components of operational environment from strategic to tactical levels
  • Enables to share more relevant information for better decision making and dissemination of commander intents
  • Increases interoperability through military & civilian standards for a safer cooperation & collaboration between networked communities of interest
  • Provides integrated information assurance & cyber security for critical data

Information superiority over tactical networks allows commanders to build and share fused operational pictures. These information products rest on secure information services delivering interoperability, user-defined access and collaborative working.


  • Ready to endorse a full spectrum of missions in collaboration with other stakeholders (security forces, allies) for defence & security continuum
  • Clear and up-to-date vision of the tactical situation
  • Supports fi rst entry, scalable command & control capabilities
  • Critical information protection: access and dissemination as well as cyber attack protection



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    With its new-generation C4I system, Thales provides an open and scalable solution based on a WEB service oriented architecture over IP networking. Delivered through integrated C4ISR box (hardware, software and communication), Comm@nder Army is designed for short time deployment and provides:

  • On-demand information access via web portal from any web browser
  • A shared Recognised Ground Picture thanks to a highly intuitive tactical editor leveraging state-of-the art Geospatial Information System
  • Collaborative working for mission-oriented applications (order, planning, logistics,…)
  • Military and civil interoperability services through standards (NVG/KML, MIP/ADatP3, XML, …)
  • Comprehensive cyber security solution dealing with all issues of cybersecurity
  • Reduced in situ administration needs


  • Land Command & Control Information Services (NATO),
  • Système d’Information et de Commandement des Forces (France),
  • Système d’Information Opérationnel 0-3 (France),
  • Land Command Support Services (Canada),
  • Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (UK)