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  • Field artillery digitisation integrating sensors, commanders and shooters
  • Management of multiple sensor and fi ring assets
  • Integration of tactical communications, interoperability with Army C4I
  • Flexible fi re mission management, high automation


Battlespace digitisation brings artillery closer to supported Army units. Accurate data exchanges between sensors, commanders and shooters allow shorter-loop, more responsive and accurate artillery missions. Integrated digitised artillery systems are a powerful force multiplier in the support of light, mobile battlegroups as well as combined-arms units. Integration of sensor data, fi re planning, manoeuvre and C2 available at all tactical echelons pave the way for joint fi re support and selective effects in the most demanding environments.

We meet all our customers needs:


Sharing mission-critical information and situational awareness between Army and artillery in a national and coalition environment.

Tactical flexibility

Manage improved tempo of operations to support highly mobile battlegroups, conduct reactive fire missions and counter-battery, maximise allocation of launchers and ammunitions to targets in a congested airland environment.


Integration of legacy and latest artillery sensors and launchers (mortar, gun, howitzer, rocket and missile artillery) into a coherent C4I system merging fire control and C2 information over tactical networks.


Commander Fire integrates field artillery assets from the command post to the individual gun.

Field artillery intelligence, planning, manoeuver and fire missions are managed as an Integrated system, sharing tactical data around networked information nodes It allows shared situational awareness, reactive fire missions and flexible reconfiguration between organic or attached artillery units for mission efficiency and survivability.

Tactical and ballistic data exchange over combat net radios and highly automated mission management support artillery planning, target acquisition, manoeuvre and airspace coordination, fi re control and logistics.


  • ATILA legacy system worldwide
  • French Artillery digitisation program (ATLAS)
  • Middle East digitised artillery systems