Airborne Radar Intelligence is a vital ingredient to any modern ISR capability. It delivers proven benefits over traditional visual based sensors, such as all-weather surveillance, pattern of life monitoring, change detection and wide area coverage.

Perfect balance

The Thales I-Master Airborne Radar is a perfect balance of performance and form factor. It comes with advanced modes such as Moving Target Indicator (MTI) and Coherent Change Detection (CCD) usually reserved for high-end systems, whilst being packaged in a single 15” gimbal that is easy to integrate on to any aircraft.

Small platforms with big impact

I-Master Radar is ideally suited for customers who…
  • want high-end radar intelligence delivered through smaller, lower cost, more available aircraft, such as UAVs and single-seat turbo-props
  • want to add the benefits of radar intelligence to their existing camera based platforms

Right for your platform

I-Master has been successfully integrated and operated on a range of platforms such as Beechcraft KA350, British Army’s Watchkeeper UAV, Scheibel’s S100 Camcopter, Diamond’s DA42 and Textron’s Scorpion Jet.

Transforming your mission

When combined with high-performance day/night camera, the I-Master Radar begins to transform your surveillance capability. With automatic cross-cueing, you significantly reduce manual operator workload, and maximise analysis time of the intelligence being gathered. You improve detection/identification rates, reduce search times and maximise your overall effectiveness. With I-Master you are able to detect ships up to 100km, vehicles up to 35kms and infantry movement up to 15km.

Key features

Optimised to operate on board a rotary or fixed-wing, manned or unmanned platform, enabling customers to transfer I-Master between aircraft easily and quickly.
  • 360° surveillance capability to minimise the need of repositioning the aircraft during surveillance, ultimately reducing operating costs and maximise time on target
  • A range of operating modes (CCD, MTI, SAR) for land and maritime applications that deliver the right intelligence at the right time, from a capability
  • Single 15” gimbal unit making I-Master interchangeable with existing 15” gimbal sensors

Detailed imagery


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Thales Group - Coherent Change Detection (CCD)
Thales Group - Dismount Moving Target Indicator (DMTI)
Thales Group - Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI)
Coherent Change Detection (CCD) Dismount Moving Target Indicator (DMTI) Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI)
Thales Group - Maritime Moving Target Indicator (MMTI)
Thales Group - Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Maritime Moving Target Indicator (MMTI) Synthetic Aperture
Radar (SAR)
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