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From fully integrated programmes to equipment for dismounted soldiers, Thales is engaged in major soldier modernisation programmes. We have created soldier system solutions to support national long term requirements ranging from peace support to warfighting in all environments and terrains, deliver increased military effectiveness through improvement in tempo, survivability, sustainability and co-ordination of operations, and provide an ergonomically designed integrated capability through a suite of inter-connected best of breed sub-systems optimised with legacy equipment.

Additionally, our supply of leading soldier modernisation products including voice and data radios, Command and Control software, electro-optics, personal and area protection technologies, low power displays as well as integrated weapon systems ( sensors, Laser Range Finder, remote control, etc.)

Our products support a awide scope of potential approaches:

     > Close partnering relationships with the customer through a local Prime Contract Management Office (PCMO)

     > System integration including interfacing with legacy equipment, networks and platforms

     > Equipment / system infrastructures based on open and scalable architecture


Key references


FIST PCMO and Miltrak (United Kingdom), CIM (Netherlands), IdZ and IdZ – ES (Germany), NORMANS (Norway), Land 125 Lethality (Australia)