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Meerkat-S provides a wide area, fully automatic and near real-time situational awareness picture of radar related activity together with extensive ELINT collection capability.

It is designed to seek out, identify and locate with high precision, radars on all platforms and of all types such as surveillance, mortar locators and those associated with weapon aiming and guidance.
It consists of a number of mobile sensor vehicles networked to a mobile command vehiclewhere an Electronic Order Of Battle picture is created and maintained.
Meerkat-S offers near real-time capability but at the very high sensitivity needed to detect emitters that may never directly illuminate one or any of the sensor vehicles (i.e. side-lobe detection) – an essential requirement for target location plotting for situational awareness.

It is thus tailor made for the battlefield and general surveillance environment, giving the commander in the field the capability to:

  • achieve early warning of immediate threats
  • identify and locate enemy forces, high value targets, threat sensors and weapon systems
  • provide targeting information with the accuracy necessary for own weapons systems to suppress identified targets
  • observe a continuous Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) showing ground, airborne and maritime activity overlaid on a digital map
  • detect communications emitters operating in the radar bands
  • be alerted to enemy movements or a change in tactics
  • identify enemy weaknesses that can be exploited


Performance can be enhanced by adding an optional digital receiver to provide an even higher degree of ELINT analysis together with increased sensitivity.

Meerkat-S: delivering essential information quickly and clearly - a key ISTAR asset.