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Meerkat-SA is a network of high reliability ESM-ELINT sensors under remote control that detects, identifies and locates all radar emissions.
It provides a fully automatic, real-time national air and surface picture of radar activity

Meerkat-SA consists of a number of remote fixed site sensors that connect to a central command & control site via a national Wide Area Network. At this site operators control the remote sensors and local processors that identify the intercepts, fuse the data and maintain a dynamic Electronic Order Of Battle picture.

System Features
·24hr, 365 days/year strategic Surveillance and Analysis
·Complements Radar Recognised Air and Surface picture: Identifies targets
·Early warning: Much longer detection range than target radars
·Automatic update of EOB
·Effective under local EMCON conditions
·Very high reliability + no on-site operators = low through-life costs
·Scaleable: up to 12 sensors

Sensor Features
·Dual receivers and antennas for concurrent Surveillance and Analysis
·Optional digital receiver for increased sensitivity and in-depth ELINT collection & analysis

Typical Surveillance Objectives
·Monitoring cross-border activity:
-assess possible military or political change
-identify enemy weaknesses
-counter intentions of enemies
-detect incursions into EEZs
·Technical ELINT Collection (Digital Receiver Option) - precision parameter measurement,including “fingerprinting”
-track movements, and/or assess the maintenance states of, specific instances of selected emitters
-maintain national EW Intelligence Library Data Base for programming own Radar Warning, ESM and ECM systems (land, sea and air).