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Thales aims for operational supremacy for its end users and to provide key benefits to the customer. Our interface has a communication suite for advanced networked capability, allowing interoperability with NATO and other forces. Our Battle Management System allows our clients to share situational awareness and increase tempo of operations while our Platform Management System (PMS) helps to manage all sub-systems integrated in vehicle. Our solutions also with vehicles and various sub-systems (observation, protection, weapon, navigation, communication).

We offer superior customer service. We are ready to support customer during procurement process and /or support local prime during program, thus reducing risks. Our industrial organisation is adaptable to each program: mission package supplier, system integrator, or prime. We bring local added value thanks to transfer of technology and have progressive implementation and growth potential thanks to the open architecture. Finally, we also offer single architecture for all types of platforms and missions: reduction of costs in training and maintenance.




Three key building blocks of the OICS system which facilitate integration, digitalisation and information exchange both within vehicles and externally

• Vetronics

- For video management
- Real time internal data exchange to permit quick dissemination of information (e.g. threat alert) and to share ressources (navigation) between various vehicle sub-systems (observation, protection, weapon, navigation, platform)
- Management function for monitoring of the platform (Platform Management System)

• Power Management for consistent command and control of the energy inside the platform providing status display, remote control capability, charger management of batteries, power conversion and regulation, voltage generation and distribution to various sub-systems

Communication Server for seamless external communications; allowing interconnection between the crew members or BMS applications of the platform and radios available on the platform (HF, VHF, UHF, Satcom) permitting simultaneous voice and data transmission (such as alert, Blue Force Tracking, messaging, logistic information),
remote control of radios and status display

Key references: MPPV, Recce Pandur, AIV (Belgium) - OICS Patria (Finland) - PRV Lux (Luxembourg)