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Through the design, development and delivery of next generation solutions built around flexible defence architectures, Thales enhances the Air and Missile defence capabilities of governments and forces worldwide. Thales helps customers to evaluate their existing and future CONOPS and requirements to create optimized air and missile defence solutions.

Thales has developed a range of “packaged modular solutions” referred to as “Thales SHIELD” to meet the wide ranging needs of our Air Defence customers. These solutions vary from Thales StateSHIELD  which will provide Air defence for a nation or group of nations to Thales ForceSHIELD which will provide a tailored level of air defence for troops on manoeuvre.

Solutions are designed, integrated, supported and upgraded utilising our unique breadth and depth of capability gained from the experience of working with some of the world’s most advanced defence forces. They are optimised by selecting from the full range of Thales, ThalesRaytheonSystems and third party systems – advanced radars, Air C4I systems, networked communications technologies, advanced precision weapons from gun and missile systems through to directed energy weapons. The core architecture of the Thales Advanced Air Defence SHIELD enables Thales to work with customers to proactively reassign, grow and upgrade their solutions as CONOPS, technology and threats change.


Thales StateSHIELD

Integrated Air and Missile Defence of homeland or overseas protectorates from airborne attacks

Thales ZoneSHIELD

Area protection of vital assets against conventional and asymmetric air attacks

Thales ForceSHIELD

Protection of mobile troops on the battlefield or convoys and supply lines in fighting areas