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We offer Recce, infantry carrier, command post, combat and support and recovery, vehicles capable of playing a variety of roles. These roles range from supplying products and mission packages to acting as a  vehicle electronic architect to master the complexity (see OICS, next page) or a system architect & integrator or even prime.

Thales is also capable of optimizing vehicle integration, enabling information exchange both within vehicles and externally and optimising support services. Via its Australian local entity, Thales manufactures the Bushmaster, the highly protected and mobile utility vehicle.

Key references:

Bushmaster: Australia, Netherlands, more than 800 ordered or in service

Vehicle electronic architecture: MPPV, Recce PANDUR, AIV (Belgium) - PRV Lux (Luxembourg) - OICS Patria (Finland)

Recce vehicle systems: VBL Source (France) - Recce Pandur (Belgium) - NBC (Switzerland) - PRV Lux as prime contractor (Luxembourg)

Combat vehicle systems: 2R2M (Middle East, Italy) - ATLAS Command Post (France) - BGTI, FRES Electronic Architecture and Integrated Survivability TDPs (UK)