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THALES Multi-kHz systems offer the highest average power at high repetition rates with Carrier Envelope Phase stabilisation thanks to innovative solutions.
  • Compact sealed stretcher with vibration-free mechanics
  • Patented cryo-free Regenerative amplifier design
  • Adapted low-vibration deported cryogenic cooling
  • High average pump power laser with low vibration

THALES unique demonstrated experience in the field of the Carrier Envelope Phase stabilized laser (up to 40 W average power) makes THALES state-of-the art technologies the best solutions for ultrashort, non-linear applications.


ALPHA kHzUp to 50 W with CEP stabilisation

Features & Benefits 


  • Up to 50 mJ energy per pulse
  • 1kHz to 10kHz repetition rate
  • Pulse duration down to 25 fs
  • Unsurpassed contrast with XPW technology
  • Fully diode-pumped
  • CEP stabilization option available
  • High particles flux for scientific applications
  • Compact system



  • Attosecond physics
  • High order harmonic generation
  • Time resolved spectroscopy
  • High energy OPA pumping
  • High flux Particle acceleration
  • Laserengraving