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The long tradition of innovation and technological breakthrough of THALES has led to more than 40 patents related with lasers. Our unique expertise in nanosecond and femtosecond lasers allows us to master the design key points of high peak power laser.

Today, Thales offers the highest peak power lasers on the market. These solutions are outstanding tools for researchers from all over the world for various applications such as plasma physics, X-ray generation, proton therapy...

Thales has already delivered and installed PetaWatt systems in the USA (1.3 PW at 1 Hz) and Romania (1 PW at 0.1 Hz) and has started the development of a 2x10 PW to be commissioned in 2017 in Romania.

With several dozens of systems installed worldwide and 2 commissioned Petawatt lasers, THALES has demonstrated a unique experience in the field of high peak power laser. 

Besides technological breakdowns, these successes are the results of Thales capability to manage very large and complex projects with high level of interaction with our customers.


• > 1 PW
• Energy > 25 J at 25 fs
• Broadband, high contract using XPW
• High beam quality with high energy pumping lasers
• Ultra-stable beam pointing
• Reliable, Modular and User Friendly: evolutive supeprvision software with integrated diagnostics
• Wake field acceleration
• Plasma Physics
• VUV-Xray generation
• High order harmonic generation
• Time resolved spectroscopy