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Key Features

  • User authentication
  • Voice and data encryption
  • GSM 2G, GPRS, EDGE, and 3G UMTS compatible
  • Security of multimedia application and ToIP
  • Authentication, encryption of users communication and signalling

Our Products

TEOREM - Secure phone System, over fixed and mobile networks

     • Hybrid fixed/mobile phone enabling communications both over fixed (PSTN, ISDN, VoIP) and mobile (Quadri-Band GSM, GPRS Class 10, EDGE, UMTS) telecom networks
     • Vocoders ensuring secure and high-quality speech: STANAG 4591 (2.4 kbps) and G.728 (16 kbps)
     • Security level: High Grade (up to French “SECRET DÉFENSE”)

IP TOUCHTM SECURITY SOLUTION - High Security Fixed IP Telephony

     • Professional terminal, providing high-secure fixed IP telephony (VoIP)
     • Fully featured for end-to-end connectivity
     • Device authentication, voice encryption
     • Integrity and encryption of call control signalling
     • Secure download in IP phones and IP Media gateways binaries and configuration files

TEOPAD - Smartphones security

TEOPAD allows to create a secure environment for hosting and using the applications of an enterprise in complete security. This technological innovation offers a simple and efficient response to the security problems encountered by companies when their employees use their personal devices for professional purposes (the BYOD, or "Bring Your Own Device", trend).

     • Security solution for professional applications on smartphones and tablets
     • An independent and secure zone
     •  Distributed by MDES, Mobile Defense Equipment & Services

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