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Our customers rarely go shopping for a solution. Rather, they start with an objective and talk to us about how to achieve it. In many cases we develop not just new technology, but a whole new way of doing things.

Around 7% of our revenue is reinvested in R&D. Each year, we file hundreds of patents. And every day our global network of 25,000 engineers and researchers (1,100 located in Australia) are sharing ideas on how to conquer the latest challenges across a breathtaking range of civilian, military and aerospace markets.

Our engineers and researchers have formed strategic alliances with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO), which is the Australian Department of Defence's R&D department. Thales is also a foundation member of the Defence Materials Technology Centre.

We have also made a substantial investment in our concept development and experimentation laboratories. These labs are located in three different locations and have the ability to transfer information to each other. This gives us the ability to run complex experiments in defence and security systems, as well as work with the Defence Force to review and test Standard Operating Procedures within a simulated environment.

Australia - R&D
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