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Intelligent technology upgrade in Steindorf near Straßwalchen

IIn Steindorf near Straßwalchen, the existing electronic interocking of the type ELEKTRA 1 was replaced by an ELEKTRA 2 interlocking. The technology upgrade has now been successfully completed, laying an important cornerstone for future rebuilding and expansion measures on the railway infrastructure.

The intelligent rebuilding concept from Thales allowed the existing outdoor system to continue to be used. Further, the existing components for controlling and monitoring the field elements are compatible with the new interlocking version, which means that only a part of the indoor system had to be newly built. As a result, the technology upgrade also brings significant economic advantages for the infrastructure operator compared to a completely new interlocking.

The final upgrade on site took place within a very short time with limited - but never completely discontinued - rail operations. Despite the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions, the intelligent technology upgrade could be implemented on schedule.

„The planned commissioning of the interlocking Steindorf near Straßwalchen is the result of great team spirit and unrestricted commitment. We can be very proud of that!"

Erwin Teufner, Director Bids & Projects