• Thales Group - Facial recognition - Baby and old man
    Look deeper
    Could intelligent cameras and better facial recognition technology hold the key in the fight against terrorism?
  • Thales Group - banner-a better view
    A better view
    How has AR evolved in those intervening years and what are the latest developments and applications that are likely to emerge in the coming years?
  • Thales Group - diamond-diamant
    Jewel purpose
    Diamonds are helping researchers to probe the secret life of molecules.
  • Thales Group - ETCS-Railway-traffic-light-at-sunset
    ETCS: Signalling Without frontiers
    ETCS – the European Train Control System – is a standardized signalling and train control technology that allows trains to cross national borders without the need to stop to change locomotives.
  • Digital warrior banner
    Digital warriors
    With the emergence of new forms of warfare and new generations of weapons, airland combat has a decisive role to play, calling
    for radical changes in land forces operations.
  • Thales Group - Drones-innovation
    Game of drones
    In the space of 15 years, the humble drone has gone from hastily improvised weapon of war to a cornerstone of navigation, meteorology and civil surveillance.
  • Thales Group - Diversity-Innovation- blue
    Diversity matters
    The business case for a diverse and inclusive culture goes far beyond the bottom line.
  • Thales Group - Switzerland Gothard tunnel picture 1
    Sending the right signals
    Stretching for 57km beneath the Alps and completed a year ahead of schedule, Switzerland’s new Gotthard base tunnel is the longest and deepest railway tunnel ever built. Thales’ cutting-edge signalling holds the key to getting the most out of this vital strategic asset.
  • Thales Group - Digtial Transformatin_Defense
    A new norm for defense and space networks
    It’s no secret that the Internet, social networks and smart phones have disrupted markets and changed the way people communicate worldwide. The global adoption of these technologies has been breathtaking. There are 3.4 billion Internet users worldwide and 2 billion people on social networks.
  • Thales Group - ECO transport
    Innovative solutions to fight climate change
    Each year, metro and urban rail networks transport over 40 billion passengers worldwide, with less of an environmental impact than cars.
  • Driving innovation through cooperation- Innovdays
    Driving innovation through cooperation
    A truly global group with 64,000 employees and a turnover of 14.9 billion Euros in 2016, Thales's success is founded on a permanent pursuit of new technologies and markets.
  • Thales, digital by nature-Innovdays
    Thales, digital by nature
    Instigated by global digital giants, a major upheaval has been under way for the past quarter of a century. Thales is a pioneer and a pillar of this connected world.
  • Digital technology, an innovation booster-Innovdays
    Digital technology, an innovation booster
    Key players in electronics, cybernetics and information technology are constantly on the lookout for new technologies that have potential to drive growth.