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ÖBB rely on Thales services for another five years

Long-term service contracts are an essential foundation for quick and competent troubleshooting as well as for a predictive maintenance strategy. The passengers benefit from punctual and high-quality rail transport.

For decades, the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) have relied on Thales as a reliable and trustworthy partner to ensure the high availability of installed systems over their entire life cycle.

Already in 2008, ÖBB and Thales signed a contractual agreement for services relating to the electronic interlocking ELEKTRA. In 2016, this was expanded for the Thales operations control centres (OMC), the signal-controlled warning system (SCWS) and secure data transmission via the public network.

The service contract between Thales and ÖBB has now been extended for another five years.
It includes a helpline, on-site service and preventive maintenance services.


The need for a competent service partner is more important than ever. On the one hand, caused by the increasing complexity and variety of products in the field - from relay technology to modern operations control centres. On the other hand, the Covid-19 pandemic showed how important trust in the service partner is even in times of crisis. Despite the difficult conditions during the legally mandated lockdown, our services were maintained throughout 2020. Although there was a lot of uncertainty during this time, the Thales service team faced these challenges together in order to assure support for our customers.

Outlook for the future

Digitisation also opens up many new opportunities in the service business. The application of the latest technologies such as Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) enables new solutions for existing challenges, such as the optimisation of maintenance and operating costs. Among other things, Thales offers TIRIS, a digital service that offers predictive maintenance and operational support. The application is designed to empower users by giving them access to asset and system data, which can support their decision-making process. Find out more about TIRIS.