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SOARIZON and Thales are unleashing the power of drones in Austria

The use of drone technology is growing exponentially. By 2022, the global number of mass-market drones is projected to reach 35 million units – of which some 25% are in Europe.

“Unmanned and autonomous technology will transform many areas of our lives. That’s why the time is now to invest in innovations that harness the full potential of drones.”
Ben Orcan, Innovation and Partnership Manager, SOARIZON

As use-cases for drones become more complex, involving urban environments, flights beyond the visual line-of-sight of the pilot and crucial transportation of medical cargo, the need for a consistent, secure, digital management solution becomes evident.

The ultimate drone management software to transform your drone missions

Thales is answering the call for this unifying technology with several initiatives, including its digital operational drone management technology, SOARIZON.

SOARIZON is already making a huge contribution to the application of drone technology to some of the world’s biggest problems, from trialling COVID-19 test deliveries in rural Scotland to automating the process of land registration in Albania.

We join forces to support drone operators across every sector

SOARIZON together with the Austrian Thales team are now developing local partnerships in Austria with the ambition to tackle some of the most challenging use cases. We aim to deliver world class references in Austria demonstrating the most innovative capabilities in sectors where drones deliver value and growth.

The unique perspective: A team of UAS experts and aviation enthusiasts backed by Thales’ aviation heritage and digital security expertise.

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