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Axle counters are vital train detection equipment which is a one-to-one alternative to track circuits. Unlike track circuits, their functioning does not depend on the ballast resistance of the track.

The axle counter Az LM  (FieldTrac 6315) is a 2-out-of-2 multiple section axle counter based on a microprocessor configuration. For applications in Thales interlockings a 2-out-of-3 version is also available. It simultaneously can evaluate up to 32 detection points (Zp30H) and monitor up to 32 sections independently of the state of the track and of the section length.


Key Benefits

  • Virtually maintenance-free 
  • Fault-tolerant ISDN transmission 
  • Operation independent of track ballast and length of section 
  • High signal/noise ratio regarding EMI from vehicles
  • Very high reliability of wheel detection 
  • Low cost per section over the lifecycle 
  • Operation with different transmission systems
  • Internationally standardised communication interfaces 
  • Processor controlled trackside and indoor equipment 
  • Simultaneous monitoring of plain track and complex station layouts 
  • System capacity: up to 32 detection points, train speeds up to 440 km/h 
  • Extensive diagnostics 
  • Safety Integrity Level CENELEC SIL 4

More Information on the Axle Counter Az LM

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