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Meet Mathieu L.

Mathieu L., a logistics specialist with Thales Canada's Defence and Security Optronics group, shares how his interest in programming led him to explore a career at Thales.

Tell me about your educational background. What made you pursue your field of study? 
Although I’m very passionate about music, and I’ve taught guitar for years, I’ve always had an interest in computers; especially for programming. In 2013, to put my interest to work I decided to return to my studies—ultimately getting degrees in Computer Technology and software engineering.

What caught your eye about working with Thales?  
When I first applied for my internship with Thales, I wanted to be able to excel in my role. I had a great experience, and decided to complete my other internships with Thales as well. They then offered me a job after graduation. 

The two main motivators for me at Thales are (1) that I get to learn every day, and (2) that my team and leaders give me a ton of freedom and flexibility in how I do my job. Thales gives me the opportunity to continually improve on myself and my work, and by creating an environment where I’m free to express my ideas, I have the chance to move the business forward as well. 

What three words would you use to describe working at Thales?  
Advancement. Autonomy. Always improving.