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The Thales AI@Centech Program Accelerates the Success of the World’s Most Promising AI Innovators


The AI@Centech business acceleration program announced its Season 2 cohort of global, AI-enabled startups today. The selected startups will work closely with Thales business coaches and AI experts who will provide advisory services related to fundraising, product enhancement, design, visibility, proof-of-concept, and market access. 

In addition, the startups will gain access to Thales’ technological platforms, allowing teams to co-build cutting-edge solutions for the Group's markets whilst supporting the emergence of the next global AI champions. 

About the Season 2 Startups:

Paladin AI (Canada) – Creates data-driven tools to optimize and accelerate aviation training. Utilizes cloud-based machine learning and AI to dynamically learn the patterns of behaviour indicative of pilot competence.

Zumo Labs (USA) – Leverages technology typically used by the video game industry to generate synthetic training data representing human poses and behaviour, used for computer vision models that extract information from images.

MyDataModels (France) – Develops augmented analytics solutions for researchers, engineers and domain experts wishing to have a deep understanding of their data. 

Hacarus (Japan) – Supports the manufacturing and medical sectors via a visual inspection solution that extracts features from small amounts of training data. Applies Sparse Modeling technology to AI. 

M-Cador (France) – Solves visual inspection challenges using the power of computer vision.


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Building on the successes from the previous AI@Centech season, Thales continues to be steadfast in its mission to inject the power of AI into all of its products and markets,” said Siegfried Usal, Thales North America’s Vice President of Digital Innovation and General Manager of Thales Digital Solutions Inc. “The AI@Centech program helps accelerate the delivery of AI-based solutions to our markets and clients in partnership with these cutting-edge startups. In light of COVID-19, it is more important than ever that we work together to leverage AI technology for global health and economic recovery. 

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