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Thales to Spark Innovation among Five AI Startups with Season 3 of AI@Centech Program

Thales has launched Season 3 of AI@Centech, a business accelerator designed to help artificial-intelligence focused startups tackle real-world problems.

Thales selected five international startups in early August out of a pool of more than 200 potential competitors from around the world. The search for qualified startups began in February when the program published challenges ranging from how to more efficiently use AI to manage satellites to applying augmented cognition to improve human decision-making.

The selected startups will work closely with Thales business coaches and AI experts who will advise them on critical skills such as fundraising, product enhancement, design, visibility, proof-of-concept, and market access.
Season 3 of AI@Centech follows last year’s successful second season of the program, which resulted in many achievements such as Thales and MyDataModels winning a bid with the municipality of Nice Côte d’Azur, France for underwater threat detection.

“We are very glad to open the 3rd season of AI@Centech, a key program to fuel innovation working together with startups. Artificial Intelligence is an essential asset woven into most of Thales’ portfolio along with connectivity, and cybersecurity,” said Philippe Keryer, Executive Vice-President, Strategy, Research and Technology. “Thales is working on a TrUE AI: Transparent, Understandable and Ethical, making sure human always remains in control. We are looking forward to discover cutting-edge innovation among the five AI startups that will be represented in this 3rd season and work together with them to deploy an AI of trust.” 

About the Season 3 Startups:

•    AIKO (Italy) uses AI software to filter out satellite data that is unusable before it’s transmitted to Earth.

•    Amiral Technologies (France) created a predictive maintenance solution that can predict failures in industrial internet of things (IIOT) equipment without relying on historical data of failure. The startup applies an AI algorithm using normal operation data to inform the operator when abnormal operation occurs.

•    Satavia (UK) created a solution for eco-conscious aircraft operators, the patented DECISIONX:NETZERO technology, which enables smarter flight planning and air traffic management to prevent aircraft contrails and quantify climate benefit.

•    SenX (France) offers an open source development platform to manage sensors that gather and track geo-located, time series data.

•    The Edge Company (Italy) uses a computer vision technology to recognize types of bird species that pose a risk to aircraft during take-off and landing and launches a species-specific distress call to disperse them.

Thales is also launching a new program, Synergy, powered by AI@Centech, to get advanced technology to market faster by leveraging the power of Canadian SMBs. Thales selected Pegasus Imagery for its robust data-focused capabilities and development of advanced UAVs and sensor integration and TerraSense, which fuses different types of data such as drone camera footage or satellite images to detect and recognize targets, as the inaugural Synergy participants as part of Season 3 of AI@Centech. 



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Adam Kostecki, Thales USA Media Relations
+1 703 838 5645