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Thales champions start-up innovations in Artificial Intelligence with Season 5 of AI@CENTECH

Following a global call for partners, Thales selected the four start-ups – including one that is returning for a second Season – that best responded to this year’s eight AI-focused challenges to solve real-life problems from space through to collaborative combat:

AI-Redefined, a returning Season 1 alumnus in which Thales took an investment position in 2022, and a pioneer in reinforcement learning with human feedback (RLHF) – a technique instrumental in the making of ChatGPT – whose award-winning Cogment™, an innovative AI-Human adaptive-learning platform is used by Thales, CAE, and NavCanada.

Ezako, an AI specialist that proposes Anomaly Detection and Labeling solutions to help businesses leverage their time series and audio data to find the blind spots and optimize operations.

NukkAI, which hit a major milestone in March 2022 when its new-generation AI defeated 8 world champions at the game of Bridge. Today, NukkAI successfully deploys its tools in Defense and Transportation/Logistics.

Tuito, whose automatic sound event and speech utterance detection transforms audio signals into actionable data, unlocking new possibilities tailored to every customer’s needs.

“In a uniquely collaborative model within Centech’s open innovation ecosystem, Thales extends its work with AI start-ups to grow their potential and help them become game-changers in their markets. This Season’s start-ups will further evolve our success in developing trusted AI technologies and solutions for Thales’ customers globally.” Siegfried Usal, Vice-President, Digital Innovation and General Manager, Thales Digital Solutions

Montreal is home to one of three Thales Digital Factories that accelerate digital potential for Thales’ core business and customers. AI@Centech exemplifies Thales’ long-standing commitment to Canada to drive innovation in key industrial capabilities like AI. Through its first four seasons, AI@Centech connected with more than 575 start-ups in Canada and around the world. 


Kevin Payan, Thales Canada Media Relations
+1 (343) 997-6542