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Surface Navy Association’s 36th Annual Symposium

Thales will join experts and decision makers in the military, industry, and congress at the Surface Navy Association’s 36th National Symposium, taking place on January 9-11 in Arlington, VA. The event will explore the opportunities and challenges of Surface Warfare– a critical element of national defense and security in an era of great power competition.

Connect with Thales at booth 330 to see how together, we’re building smarter solutions at Sea. From navies and coast guards to customs officials and search and rescue teams, maritime authorities are faced with highly demanding and ever-evolving requirements. Explore the technologies we offer to support these increasingly complex operations, including a variety of radar and sonar solutions for above-water warfare and underwater warfare (including mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare, and more). Exhibited solutions will include NS50, CAPTAS, STIR , MPPCS, and SAMDIS.