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THALES 2.75”/70mm rockets successfully fired from a SARISA Drone, an international first

On Thursday 25th of April, the SARISA drone from Greek SAS Technology has fired a Thales 70mm rocket as part of a trial that took place at a firing range of the Hellenic MOD’s General Directorate for Defense investments and Armaments (GDDIA). 
This is a major milestone for unmanned combat air vehicles (UCAVs), as it is the world's first 70mm rocket firing on this type of platform, extending its military capabilities to Close Air Support. 

The SARISA is a UCAV developed by the Hellenic company SAS Technology, an expert in the development of competitive and innovative unmanned systems. Engineering teams from SAS Technology and Thales Belgium worked together under the supervision of the local GDDIA and the support of Hellenic Defense Systems company (HDS) to perform this firing. With Thales’ 70mm rocket guided and unguided capability, the SARISA can replicate the capabilities of attack helicopters and fighter jets at a fraction of the cost and with minimum risk. 

Adding the accuracy of the Laser Guided Rocket to the flexibility of the SARISA-drone, the cooperation between the two companies creates an effective, flexible and easily transportable weapon with major assets for ground troops. Combined with the FZ275 LGR laser guided rocket, ground troops can count on the support of this system to defeat specific like light armoured vehicles, radar stations, aircrafts on ground, buildings etc. with an important stand-off, adding the autonomy of the drone to the firing range of more than 7km of the rocket.The successful firing trial is the first step in the program of the UCAV SARISA with Thales’ 2.75”/70mm rockets, further tests will be conducted both with guided and unguided rockets in different firing scenarios to highlight the full potential and capability of this innovative solution.

Thales’ FZ275LGR is currently qualified on several airborne and land-based platforms and offers high added value to the user.  FZ275 LGR is an economic solution, used to defeat light armoured and low-cost targets. The rocket is able to be fired as well in lock-on-after-launch as in lock-on-before-launch mode and provides the capability of communication with the gunner, increasing the efficiency, firing domain and safety of the weapon.  It is the lightest and shortest guided 70mm rocket on the market, offering best-in-class ranges and efficiency.