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Thales and CUBEDIN sign a Memorandum of Understanding to develop the use of the CUBEDIN interface solution for Naval applications

  • CUBEDIN A/S, a joint venture between Odense Maritime Technology (OMT) and Systematic, has developed the CUBEDIN concept that enables interchangeable, adaptable ships to be easily reconfigured to suit any mission. CUBEDIN combines a physical interface with a software solution that allows navies to set up ship platforms using Cubes – or modules from SH Defence. The CUBEDIN software also provides a communication gateway between modules, such as sensors, and the vessel’s internal systems
  • Thales will work with OMT to develop a new approach in the designing of modular Combat platforms, providing its Anti-Submarine Warfare and Mine Warfare technologies to these new vessels.
  • This cooperation between Thales and CUBEDIN A/S demonstrates Thales’ ambition and commitment to partner with local companies to the benefit of both local and international defence industry and customers

EuroNaval, Paris: Thales and Denmark-based CUBEDIN have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a collaboration and strengthen the bonds within the European defence industry. Its aim is to create a modular flexible platform integrating Thales’ sensors and systems into the CUBEDIN concept. CUBEDIN is a standardised interface communications system, which connects all parts of the ship’s systems, sonars and sensors to build the strongest defence.

Thales and OMT will work on designing a common solution for the Naval domain, the first could be deployed for the future Danish Navy. This collaboration will allow both partners to define the best trade-off when it comes to modularity and performances at sea.

"Thales is globally renowned for its expertise in naval sensors and systems. This partnership with CUBEDIN allows us to jointly develop the next generation of mission solutions, making us an even stronger player in the naval field and paving the way for future collaborations within the naval industry. Thales is committed to work together with local industries to maximize the benefits for our customers. This collaboration with worldwide player OMT will create new and exciting opportunities for both companies in Denmark and abroad” says Tommy Ayouty, CEO Thales Denmark
”OMT and Systematic are proud to introduce CUBEDIN A/S and to partner with Thales in setting the standard for a future common solution for the naval domain. Together we will be able to take the lead on naval design, not only in Denmark but also in markets worldwide. Thales and OMT have worked together on several successful naval programmes in the past, so this is a fantastic opportunity to revisit that partnership in the new joint venture CUBEDIN A/S. Adaptability has always been a key driver in these projects and, as technology continues to advance, it is therefore natural to extend the ambition and strive for interchangeability within ship design”, says Kåre Groes Christiansen, CEO OMT Group
CUBEDIN was establied in 2022 by OMT and Systematic to address the need for adaptable ships and to support a faster upgrade of a ship during its lifetime. Modularity is key in future ship design. To support modularity, there is a need for standard interfaces – both with respect to hardware and software interfaces. The CUBEDIN software provides a product configurator capability for each physical CubedIN ship platform. The software controls the configuration of the specific ship and supports the selection of Cubes (manufactured by SH Defence) from a catalogue (the CubeStore). With standard interfaces, true interchangeability can be observed and thus an effective naval power across an alliance is possible. The CUBEDIN solutions will be embedded in OMT designs going forward, and also offered to other shipdesigners and shipyards in the market with the aim to support adaptable, interchangeable alliances.
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