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Rail and Digital Mobility User Conference, Annaberg-Buchholz

In today’s complex ecosystem, digitalization although in many ways already a buzzword, it is creating many opportunities pivoting on existing operational processes, and leveraging on emerging technologies such as Ai, 3D printing, big-data cloud analytics, cyber and many others. 5G will become an additional enabler.

Robotics and autonomous approaches, on the road, air, water, rail will shape new business models and enhance existing ones. In short we are facing many interesting challenges, with many opportunities.

The big topic will be, how to best harness these and be part of an ecosystem that enables the organization to thrive in this emerging ecosystem – co-development, POCs, MVPs, open-source in some ways going back to the roots of how many of today’s operators and suppliers became innovators – with the introduction of digitalization learning to embrace this will drive new innovation.

Thales is very pleased to be a key sponsor of the Rail and Digital Mobility user Conference – we see this is a key ecosystem market place to discuss, leverage and define possible POCs and MVPs bringing together the best of infrastructure providers, academia and industry, from road, air, space to rail.

The event is held by Smart Rail Connectivity Campus (SRCC), a european research project on traffic.

The innovation passion at the core of our combined values will be a highly motivational innovation driver for all participants.

Please join us at this innovative conference – Thales is very much looking forward to exchanging and working with you in this innovation driven environment.