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Opening of our new office in Delft

High-tech company Thales opened a new office in Delft on Thursday, January 19. The building is located right next to TU (Technical University) Delft, with which Thales regularly collaborates in the field of research and engineering assignments. Thales Netherlands hires hundreds of people every year, and this year the expectation is to welcome around 450 new employees. The new building in Delft is designed to accommodate this growth.

Delft is the 'research branch' of Thales Netherlands. In addition to this office, the Dutch branch of the French multinational also has locations in Huizen, Eindhoven and the head office in Hengelo, among others. The engineers and researchers in Delft mainly work on R&D and solution engineering. It is an extension of the 'Naval organisation' that works from the headquarters of Thales Netherlands on major assignments for navies all over the world.

In that 'Naval organisation' it is currently all hands on deck. Thales Netherlands is working on two of the largest projects ever for the Thales Group. The organisation supplies all kinds of sensors and software for new frigates of the German and British navies. Partly due to the sizeable projects that Thales has been commissioned with in recent years, its workforce is growing steadily. It therefore adapts its branches accordingly. Location manager Michel Varkevisser: "The new building in Delft now has a professional appearance that fits the new way of working and the international community that works there."




Besides the job that you have, the tools at your disposal as well as the place where you work are extremely important. Everything seems exactly right in this new building, and we have enough space for all current and future colleagues!

- Gerben Edelijn, CEO Thales Nederland

Watch the video of the opening ceremony: