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Thales Edisoft Portugal Announces Launch of AEROS Nanosatellite, the Nation's Return to Space

We proudly announce the successful launch of the AEROS MH-1 Satellite, a groundbreaking initiative led by a dedicated consortium consisting of Thales Edisoft Portugal and CEiiA. This project serves as a testament to Portugal's advanced engineering capabilities in satellite development and operation, showcasing our nation's commitment to global scientific research and reaffirming our re-entry into the realm of space exploration after a remarkable 30-year hiatus.

The AEROS MH-1 Satellite is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a hyperspectral camera and an RGB camera, enabling the capture of visible light images. Additionally, sensors will collect data transmitted via radio through tags attached to various animal species that are part of targeted monitoring groups. By utilizing these tags, we can pinpoint the location of different species in the ocean, while the cameras provide invaluable images and data for analyzing various phenomena generated by marine fauna and flora.

The Santa Maria teleport, situated in the Azores and managed by Thales Edisoft Portugal, serves as our primary communication and data collection hub for this mission. This state-of-the-art facility ensures seamless transmission of data and images from the AEROS MH-1, enabling us to unlock new insights into our oceans and contribute to the advancement of marine research.


Pedro Nunes