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Thales, in charge of the maintenance of the systems installed in the high-speed line between Lérida and Figueras

  • For 26.9 million euros, the contract signed between Thales and Adif covers maintenance services for the signaling and railway traffic management system.
  • This is one of the most demanding high-speed sections in terms of reliability and traffic density, on which private operators already operate.

Adif has awarded a contract for the maintenance of the signaling systems and traffic management system installed on the Madrid-Barcelona-Figueras high-speed line, specifically on the section from Lérida-Barcelona Sants-Figueras.
With an execution period of 48 months and a budget of almost 26.9 million Euro (VAT included), the aim of the awarded contract by Adif is to guarantee railway operability, the optimal state of the facilities and their availability, efficiency and functionality, as well as the reduction of the probability of incidents.

With this contract already in place, Thales maintains signalling and telecommunications systems equipment in service on more than 1,700 km of lines of the Spanish High-Speed Network, on a total of seven lines in Spain, including those linking Madrid to the French border; Seville; Santiago; Valladolid; Toledo,; as well as those linking Cordoba and Malaga; Antequera with Granada or the tunnel that goes from Atocha to Chamartin.

Thales is responsible for the preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance of the signalling and telecommunications systems deployed with the goal of preserving the nominal operating conditions of all the systems and thus avoiding interruptions in the commercial operation of the lines, as well as guaranteeing the maximum reliability and life of the equipment deployed in the field.

“The maintenance services we provide on the different Spanish high-speed lines allow ADIF to guarantee the proper commercial operation of these lines, as well as to know the status and correctly maintain all the assets of its installed base, guaranteeing and extending their life cycle" - Eduardo Mariscal, Director of Transport Customer Services at Thales in Spain.