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Thales technology on the journey between Seville - Malaga - Granada, at high speed

Thales has been awarded a new contract to carry out the drafting of the construction project and execution of the works for the link that will connect the Madrid-Seville high-speed railway line with Cordoba-Malaga. Thales will be responsible for the traffic control, signalling, train protection and communications installations on the 1,738-metre-long branch line that runs between Almodóvar del Río and La Marota, in the province of Córdoba.
As soon as the works are completed, the new connection bypass will be operational. Passengers will gain time on the journey from Seville to Malaga and Granada. This modification will mean a significant improvement in the operation of the line.
The project includes the adaptation of the traffic control systems: Thales technology interlockings and train detection systems (track circuits) of the section; the LZB train protection system (which will be extended along the new bypass track) and the ERTMS system; as well as the adaptation of the fixed and mobile telecommunications systems to adapt them to the new operating conditions.
The contract also provides for the maintenance of the new bypass facilities for a period of six months.