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Celebrating Our Collective Impact at Thales: 19,437 Hours of Volunteering in 2023

A Monumental Milestone in Volunteering 

In 2023, Thales employees in the UK achieved a monumental milestone, dedicating 19,437 hours to volunteering, reinforcing our commitment to delivering social value and making a tangible difference in our communities. This significant contribution showcases the dedication of our employees to positively impacting society.

Every employee at Thales in the UK is entitled to spend up to 24 hours volunteering each year, reflecting our strong commitment to social responsibility and the importance we place on contributing to the communities where we operate. This policy not only facilitates our collective efforts to give back but also highlights the essential role our employees play in driving positive change within society.

Moreover, we are particularly proud of our Early Careers members – Apprentices and Graduates in their first 2 years, who have been allocated 80 hours for volunteering. This exceptional commitment allows our newest team members to deeply engage with our community initiatives, amplifying our impact and their professional development.

The Power of Community Engagement 

Volunteering is a cornerstone of Thales in the UK's social impact approach, reflecting our commitment to the communities we serve. From mentoring students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to supporting local charities, our employees have shown unparalleled dedication to fostering a safer, greener, and more inclusive world.

Education and Outreach Initiatives 

Thales in the UK's commitment to education and outreach was demonstrated through 161 STEM and career events, impacting 26,442 young people. Our efforts have included everything from school volunteering to partnerships with educational programs, emphasizing our dedication to inspiring the next generation of innovators.

Driving Social Value Through Action 

Volunteering aligns with Thales in the UK's social value pillars, emphasizing living net zero, making contributions across the UK, supporting cohesion and inclusivity in our local communities, and promoting digital citizenship. Our employees' engagement in these areas is key to our ongoing commitment to societal improvement.

Looking Forward: Expanding Our Impact 

As we celebrate our achievements, we are also focused on expanding our impact. The Thales Community Investment Fund and our strategic educational partnerships aim to extend our reach, supporting even more local charities and community groups in the years to come.

A Note of Thanks

We extend our gratitude to all Thales in the UK employees for their passion and commitment to volunteering. Your efforts not only embody the essence of our company but also make a real difference in the world.