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Thales experts attend quantum showcase event in London

Dr Bernhard Quendt

Senior experts from Thales have attended an important event in London this month that has mapped out and demonstrated the future and direction of the UK quantum technology sector.

Innovation at the Forefront

Dr Bernhard Quendt (Group Chief Technical Officer) & Dr Paul Gosling (UK Chief Technical Officer) joined delegates from industry, academics, government representatives and investors at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase. 

Strategic Investment in Quantum Technologies

Thales is investing heavily in the development of quantum technologies as one of the Group’s key core future technologies for its markets and solutions.

Breakthrough Discussions

The showcase was an opportunity to explore the expanding landscape of quantum technology commercialisation and industrial advancement in the UK, where approximately half of all quantum businesses in Europe are based.

Subjects for discussion included the major quantum breakthroughs happening across automotive, healthcare, infrastructure, communications, cyber and defence.

Dr Paul Gosling

The event was run by Innovate UK, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), in collaboration with the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

Quantum Innovation: Transforming Tomorrow

Dr Gosling said: “The first generation of quantum technology gave us the transistor, microchip, laser and MRI scanner to name but a few. These all had a remarkable, but largely unanticipated impact on society. 

“We are now on the verge of the next generation of quantum technology that can deliver unprecedented computing power and sensors with a far greater sensitivity than ever before. Many of these next generation quantum devices have already been demonstrated in the laboratory.

“The challenge in the next few years is to accelerate the ability to incorporate these new quantum devices into systems, work out how to exploit them and in the case of quantum computing, protect our data against computers that will be able to crack existing encryption in matters of minutes instead of years. 

“Importantly, the technology needs to move from the lab to production so we need to develop the local manufacturing base which will allow ready access to the best devices on the market. 

“As with the first generation of quantum technologies, the impact on society will likely be significant and we probably can’t fully appreciate at this point the extent to which it will impact the lives of future generations.

“It is for this reason that countries like the UK and companies such as Thales see investment in and mastery of quantum as a key strategic topic.”

Quantum Mastery: A Strategic Imperative

Dr Quendt added: “Thales is delighted to participate to this key quantum event in the UK. We are the only European player present and leading in the three areas of quantum: sensors, communications and algorithms. 

“This is made possible thanks to the significant skills of the employees, their passion for quantum, a considerable amount of patents and increasing investment of the Group in quantum technologies.”