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Thales in the UK employees celebrate the launch of the UK Shipbuilding Skills Taskforce report

A Step Change in UK Shipbuilding Skills

To commemorate the start of London International Shipping Week, a number of employees from Thales in the UK attended the launch of the UK Shipbuilding Skills Taskforce report, ‘A Step Change in UK Shipbuilding Skills’, which makes a series of recommendations to address skills challenges across the shipbuilding sector.

Matthew Guy, Elizabeth Oon – Engineering Grad, Aironass Syvis – Engineering Apprentice, Julie Martin as Naval KAM, Sam McBriar as Strategic Marketing Director Naval, Justin Walker – Home Office KAM

The Taskforce has spent the last year exploring the shipbuilding skills challenges in both the immediate and long term. It also considers the impact of technological changes in the sector on skills and how to take advantage of these new and emerging technologies. 

Matthew Guy, Human Resources Director Thales in the UK, has been a member of the Taskforce and played a key role in developing its recommendations. These include suggesting ways to attract a more diverse workforce, to overcome a sometimes negative public perception of the sector, by doing more to promote it as vibrant and inclusive.

‘As a HR Director with Thales, I’m proud to be part of the Taskforce and help contribute to the future of shipbuilding in the UK.’

Matthew Guy

The skills systems across the UK can be complex to navigate, particularly for small and medium enterprises, who face challenges in accessing apprenticeships and other training. The report makes suggestions on how smaller businesses can be supported to better engage with the skills system and recruit and train skilled people.

Thales is doing its bit for UK skills, last week 200 new early career starters joined us, graduates and apprentices. Their induction week focused on volunteering and giving back, and our new recruits got a chance to get their hands on some of the activities we take into schools to encourage interest in the STEM subjects from a diverse range of school students.

To thrive in a defence industry that is increasingly competitive and rapidly changing, Thales recognises the need to create ways to develop and maintain core skills, as well as learning new digital skills in order to continue to deliver products and services.

At the Thales Sonar Academy, which has some of the world’s leading experts and specialists in the field of Sonar technology, Thales is training and developing the next generation of Sonar Engineers and giving individuals a unique learning and development opportunity.

The new recruits, and the Sonar Academy, are a few examples of Thales in the UK’s long-term commitment to grow and develop people and skills. As is support to the Shipbuilding Skills Taskforce and its work in promoting shipbuilding as a vibrant and inclusive sector, ensuring shipbuilding skills are fit for the future.