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Thales in Brazil


Thales has been present in Brazil for 55 years and has more than 1200 employees. Thales headquarters is located in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), the company counts with four additional offices – in São Paulo (SP), São José dos Campos (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Brasilia (DF) – and three manufacturing plants – in São Bernardo do Campo (SP) Omnisys, Thales subsidiary, industrial unit dedicated to Defence and Avionics activities, in Pinhais (PR) producing bank cards, SIM Cards and electronic documents of high-quality polycarbonate, and in Barueri (SP) responsible for bank card personalization.  
With more than a half-century presence, Thales in Brazil has built a long-term partnership with the local Armed Forces – Army, Air Force and Navy and also has strong relationships with other government and national agencies, banks, telecommunications, airlines and technology companies to provide state-of-the-art technology solutions. 

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Local cooperation

Thales in Brazil is driving the group’s ESG commitment throughout several actions: 

In innovation, Thales' Design Centre inaugurated in 2019 and located in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), is the first in Latin America and uses the Design Thinking method, which integrates different skills in the search for collective, collaborative and people-centred solutions. 

In the area of education, Thales entered into a partnership with the Federal University of ABC (UFABC) and Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia from the Grande ABC area in São Paulo. We also have a  partnership with Itajubá Federal University (UNIFEI) with a dedicated room to Active Methodologies sponsored by Thales and with São Paulo University (USP). 

In social responsibility, since 2020, Thales has sponsored the Formare Program in partnership with Iochpe Foundation, which is based on the volunteer work of employees, who act as volunteer educators for to low-income students in São Bernardo do Campo. Thales Solidarity is also supporting iStart, a startup focused on educating teenagers on cybersecurity and Digital Citizenship. Thales supports 13 social responsibility projects via Incentive Laws in the areas of education, health, sports, culture and in the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market.

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Thales is active in all aerospace segments in Brazil and is leader in the country’s airspace surveillance and air traffic control radars market.  In total, Thales provides 100% of approach radars, >80% route radars and >70% secondary radars, totalling more than 130 radars supplied to the country. The Group is also an Avionics supplier for Azul, LATAM and GOL airlines, among others in the region, and also for Helibras helicraft and Embraer aircraft manufacturers. Thales is partnering with Embraer to assist in the development of the eVTOL, the electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle. 

The Group operates Service Centres dedicated to Air Traffic Management, Inflight Entertainment and Avionics. In addition, Thales is the provider of in-flight entertainment for Azul, with service development done locally. Thales’ Radar Centre of Excellence in Brazil serves customers all around the world. The units produced are exported to countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. 

Defence & Security 

Thales is a long-time partner to Brazilian armed forces - Army, Air Force and Navy - through Omnisys, its high technology Brazilian subsidiary, with broad experience in the civil, space, data protection, defence and security markets. Omnisys developed and delivered a highly complex and fully transportable test range instrumentation system (STREV) for the Brazilian Army Assessment Centre (CAEx). 

Omnisys is also the supplier to the Brazilian Navy to develop the Mansup Seeker (Surface Anti-Ship Missile) and critical systems for the Brazilian Strategic Submarine Defence Program (PROSUB) – for sonar, communications and electronic warfare. We also offer the Brazilian Navy the most modern solutions for the Tamandaré Frigates, with a large volume of technology transfer and local content. The Brazilian Army selected the SOTAS (Thales Radio Intercommunication System) system for several of its vehicles.  

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Thales is the main partner of the Brazilian Space Program, supplying the country’s first Geostationary Defence and Strategic Communications Satellite (SGDC), bringing connectivity to millions of people located in remote areas, which benefits, for example, more than 7,000 schools. Besides the SGDC, Thales is also present in the CBERS (China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite) and PMM (Plataforma Multimissão) programs, and in Amazonia 1. Thales equipped the Alcântara space launch site with several new sensors and optical tracking systems, S-band telemetry, electromagnetic surveillance system and complete radar overhaul. 

Digital Identity & Security 

Thales provides biometric and identity solutions for the main states and government entities in Brazil – such as the Civil Police of the State of São Paulo, the Federal District and the Federal Police. Thales is one of the leading suppliers of credit cards for financial institutions in Brazil, providing cards made with sustainable materials, with contact and contactless technology, as well as digital payment solutions. 

The Group is also the leading supplier of SIM Cards and eSIMs (embedded SIM cards) and Payment HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) in the country. Thales technologies enabled the creation of an IoT M2M tracking device to detect illegal deforestation schemes in the Amazon Rainforest. 

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In 2016, Thales provided communications, signaling and localization systems to the first and most modern Light Rail Transportation (LRT) in Santos, SP – Brazil.

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Events for Brazil

Thales regularly participates in local events in Brazil or abroad to showcase its expertise and meet local actors in our main markets. Whether you are interested in defence, digital identity and security, aerospace or other market specific solutions, there should be a date and a place to meet us.

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Salary Transparency Report

Thales is continuously dedicated to addressing inclusion, diversity and gender equality seriously and respectfully. Valuing the relationship with all the women who work at Thales do Brasil and with the community where we operate, our company acts with transparency in communication and follows the new Brazilian legislation by publishing the Salary Transparency and Remuneration Criteria Report, established by Law no. 14,611/2023. In accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Women and the Ministry of Labor and Employment, we are presenting data referring to the 4 CNPJs registered in Brazil with more than 100 employees, covering our factories and offices.
This law presents numbers and aims to promote egalitarian realities and justice in the labor market. However, it is up to Thales do Brasil to highlight that the numbers presented in the reports generated by the Ministry of Labor and Employment do not accurately represent our current scenario. The reports are based on information from the Brazilian Classification of Occupations (CBO) and the Major Groups of Occupations, which does not allow for a fair salary comparison in this format, as it does not take into account the nature of the functions, the area of activity, length of service, work in the company or in the role performed, skills and individual productivity. For example: more than 80% of our operational workforce in production is women. On the other hand, as we are a Technology company, we have a large Engineering team which, unfortunately, still has less than 30% of women, a reflection of the still small participation of women in Technical and Engineering courses, and the markets where we work, sometimes not attractive to female engineers. Therefore, although we have a good salary equalization by positions, when all the numbers are computed together disregarding the positions, on average, women's salaries appear incorrectly as being lower. In any case, we believe in the evolution of this material over the next results presented, in order to better reflect the efforts that the company has been making in diversity and inclusion actions at all levels.

Thales demonstrates concern for gender diversity regardless of Brazilian legislation, developing initiatives to promote equality and diversity in its decisions and initiatives. Diversity groups – such as With (Women in Thales) work on diversity in the day-to-day activities of our units in the Latin American region and have grown considerably in recent years, and have become a powerhouse of social transformation and company culture. We also have clear diversity, equity and inclusion goals that permeate all levels of the company. And, of course, senior management is 100% committed. We continue to work hard to ensure that continuous actions are developed to achieve increasingly positive results in this and all aspects of diversity and fight strongly against any form of racism, difference or discrimination.

Thales do Brasil is available to the authorities so that, together, we can work on methodologies that increasingly demonstrate all the work and commitment to promote equal pay among all male and female employees of the company.

Careers at Thales in Brazil

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