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Thales in Colombia


Thales has been  present in Colombia for more 55 years and, ever since, works hand in hand with Colombian entities as strategic and technological partner to support the growth, strength and security of the nation. With approximately 120 employees, the company  is headquartered in Bogota, supported  by a commercial office in Medellin and a support office for naval activities in Cartagena. Thales leverages its proven expertise in key digital solutions including connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity to strengthen its commitment to the security of the nation and its people.

years of presence in Colombia

Local cooperation

Thales’ presence in Colombia is driven by a commitment to developing  innovation through education and socially responsible initiatives. In February 2021, Thales signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Colombian government in order to promote the country's aerospace development and establish the future development of projects and the promotion of scientific vocations of Colombians in space, aerospace, technology, cybersecurity and smart cities.

In May 2019, Thales also signed a memorandum of understanding with iNNpulsa to work hand in hand with C Emprende, an exponential entrepreneurship campus, an initiative also led by the National Government. Thales in Colombia also boasts  an InnovLAB that supports internal and external Co-Innovations and Design Thinking Methodology.

In terms of corporate social responsibility, Thales in Colombia  has partnered  with Fundación EducaMÁS, an NGO that promotes education in Colombia. This  partnership enables Thales to connect with academic initiatives in search of technological development in the country. 



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Governments, airports, airlines, pilots, crews and passengers trust Thales to make flights safer, simpler and more efficient.
Thales has been a leading provider of air traffic surveillance systems in Colombia since 1975 and a strategic partner of Aeronáutica Civil de Colombia, the civil aviation authority since 1991.
The Thales Scansim 360° control tower simulator has been training air traffic controllers in Colombia since 2015, while the Thales-powered San Andrés Approach Control Center has been protecting takeoffs and landings since 2013.


Governments trust Thales to protect their citizens and make the world a safer place. Thales has earned the respect and recognition of the Navy of the Republic of Colombia for its role in the Almirante Padilla Class frigate project, which continues to be an anchor for peace and protection throughout the Colombian region.

Thales also collaborates with COTECMAR (Corporación de Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo de la Industria Naval Marítima y Fluvial), a state-owned defense, shipbuilder, and engineering company, and also alongside universities to strengthen and develop Colombian defense capabilities, increase technological innovation in the naval industry, and promote competition and technological advancement within COTECMAR.  Thales also collaborates with defense manufacturer INDUMIL. 

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Digital Identity & Security

Organizations rely on Thales solutions to verify the identities of people and things, grant access to digital services, analyze vast quantities of information and encrypt data and Thales in Colombia has settled its footprint in this market with the following references:

  • Thales is #1 provider of SIM Cards and eSIMs (embedded SIM cards) and SIM administration platforms (OTA) in Colombia
  • Pioneer in revolutionary identity verification, fraud prevention and authentication solutions for SoyYo, the first private identity office in Colombia made up of the largest banks in the country, Bancolombia, Davivienda, Grupo Aval
  • Technological partner and card provider for Fintechs and Neo Banks in the country, including Rappi and Nubank
  • Thales provides several components for the emissions of the new Colombian electronic passport, as well as management of the personalization of the document
  • Implementation of the BIOMIG solution, which allows passengers to go through the border control of the “El Dorado” International Airport, using the iris as biometric identification in the Slim Gates deployed
  • Support, document readers and enrollment stations for Migración Colombia to identify travelers at border control points throughout the country
  • Some of the largest public and private companies in Colombia rely on Thales HSMs to generate the root of trust for their PKI infrastructure that supports key digital transformation strategies.


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Events for Colombia

Thales regularly participates in local events in Colombia or abroad to showcase its expertise and meet local actors in our main markets. Whether you are interested in defence, digital identity and security, aerospace or other market specific solutions, there should be a date and a place to meet us.

Careers at Thales in Colombia

Want to take part in our research and development activities or actually support the delivery of our on-going projects? Take a look at our job opportunities.

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