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Thales in China


Thales provides innovative solutions for the infrastructure that forms the backbone of China’s growth. The Group introduced its aeronautical business to China in 1964 and has been recognized as a reliable partner over the past 60 years. In the area of Cybersecurity & Digital Identity, from secure software to biometrics and encryption, Thales has also successfully applied its advanced technology to mobile communication, Fintech, automobile connectivity and software monetization, etc. Thales employs more than 1,300 people with offices located in 7 cities across China. The company operates 2 manufacturing sites - a world-leading factory with one-stop smart card production base in Shanghai and a factory specialized in finger/palm scanners and document readers in Tianjin - to support local smart card and biometric industries. With the R&D centers and Innovation Hubs established in Beijing, Dalian and Hong Kong, Thales is committed to provide innovative solutions for both China and international market.

years of business activities in China
employees in China, including joint ventures
sites across China
main Joint Ventures and strategic partnerships
of the country’s air traffic is managed through Thales solutions
of the IFE market share for Chinese wide-body aircraft currently in service

Local cooperation

Thales has been committed to China’s development and our local partnerships and joint ventures stand testament to this. Since 2007, Thales has established 3 JVs, namely Beijing EasySky Technology Ltd., Thales CETC Avionics Co., Ltd., and Thales SEC Transport System Co., Ltd., with Chinese key industry stakeholders. Thales has been dedicated to bringing world class capabilities to China by co-innovating with indigenous players, with the aim to provide Chinese solutions for local customers and enhance the country’s stance in the global market.   

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Thales is the only company in the world with leadership positions in both on-board equipment — for both cockpit and cabin — and ground equipment (radars, air traffic management systems, etc.). 

In China, Thales is one of the major suppliers for air traffic management and 60% of the country’s air traffic including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are managed through Thales solutions. 

In the field of avionics, Thales provides solutions to Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, Hainan Airlines and other airlines including regional carriers. More than 3,400 aircraft in China are equipped with Thales avionics products and solutions.  

In the area of IFE, Thales is a leader with 45% market share for wide-body aircraft currently in service. 

Thales also provides Customer Service, Field Technical Support, Repair and Logistics Operations for avionics and IFE products in China through its maintenance center (TAB) in Beijing.

Digital Identity and Security 

Organizations rely on Thales solutions to verify the identities of people and things, grant access to digital services, analyze vast quantities of information and encrypt data. In China, Thales operates 2 factories - a world-leading  one-stop banking card production based in Shanghai and a factory specialized in finger/palm scanners and document readers in Tianjin - to support local bank and biometric markets. 

Thales also offers its latest technologies across the areas of Mobile Communication, Banking and Payment, Software Monetization, Automotive Connectivity and Data Protection. In China, Thales provides MNOs, OEMs and other service providers a range of advanced solutions including our market leading  eSIM solutions. Thales offers innovative banking & payment services to major Chinese banks and Fintechs to help fincial institutions stay ahead of the digital transformation. Sentinel software monetization solution, a Thales brand, is widely deployed in pillar industries such as industrial control, medical, public security, education and artificial intelligence in China. As for automotive connectivity, Great Wall Motor uses Thales connectivity solutions for all its cars in mainland China and export markets since 2019. Thales is also supporting Chinese car manufacturers with cyber secured solutions for connected vehicles and electric cars.

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As the leading provider of cybersecurity & data protection solutions in Hong Kong, Thales is trusted by the most demanding companies, institutions and critical operators to ensure their resilience against cyber-attacks. In Hong Kong, we provide end-to-end cyber system integration to help our customers reduce cyber risks coming from the IT/OT (Information Technology/Operational Technology) or cloud infrastructure while maintaining the privacy of their data and critical activities.

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Events in China

Thales regularly participates in major events in China and abroad to showcase our technology expertise and meet key stakeholders and players in business domains of aerospace, space, digital identity and security, lasers, training & simulation, etc. No matter which market you are in, there should be a date and a place for us to jointly explore business opportunities and boost the industry development.

Careers at Thales in China

People are the most important asset for Thales. Want to take part in an amazing technological adventure, come to explore our latest job opportunities in China.

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