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Thales in Indonesia


Headquartered in Jakarta, Thales has over 40 years of presence in Indonesia with a strong pedigree in the defence sector. Today, 60% of naval combat management systems (CMS) in Indonesia are installed by Thales, making our solutions present on every major Indonesian warship. Thales is also the main supplier of short-range air defence systems to the country’s army. In partnership with DEFEND ID, Thales is supporting Indonesia’s defence modernisation ambitions.

Thales' solutions in the Space domain are bringing connectivity to millions in Indonesia’s vast archipelago, including the most rural areas. The upcoming SATRIA satellite will be the most powerful in Asia.

Thales is also a leading supplier of SIM-cards, over-the-air solutions, and cybersecurity services in Indonesia. For over 20 years, Indonesian banks have entrusted the securisation of data and transactions with Thales’ Hardware Security Modules, while over 30 banks and financial institutions are using multiple Thales payment card options for digital and physical transactions. Thales also supplied the Civil Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) for the Indonesian immigration office in October 2018.

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Local cooperation

Thales has a long history of close cooperation with key local industrial partners including PT Len, PT Pal, PT Pindad and Telkom Indonesia. Under DEFEND ID, Indonesia’s holding and strategic defence programme, Thales is investing in our local footprint in Indonesia, providing knowledge transfer and training that creates jobs, builds local expertise and contributes to Indonesia’s economic success.

Thales has signed multiple agreements with PT Len under the framework of DEFEND ID, enabling us to cooperate on a wide range of defence topics.
In 2022, Thales announced its intentions to create and upcoming joint-venture with PT Len that will begin by focusing on localisation activities for radar repairs in Indonesia.

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Supporting the Modernisation of Indonesian Defence Forces

Thales has a long history with the Indonesian Navy, and is the appointed supplier of combat management systems for all major warships in the Navy’s fleet. Thales is also supplying electronic warfare, combat management systems, naval communications and fire control and initial navigation systems. 

To reinforce Indonesia’s air defence, Thales has supplied multiple batches of the ForceShield / StarStreak systems coupled with the GM200 radar. 

For all solutions, Thales offers a full lifecycle support by working closely with our Indonesian Key Industrial Partners to ensure the long-term performance of all systems. 

Accelerating Indonesia’s digital transformation

Thales in Indonesia is an industry leader in areas of banking, cyber and digital security, and telecommunications. As a key supplier of SIM-cards with over 90 million sold each year, Thales also seeks to introduce a new generation of e-SIM technology. The Group also provides a range of software and services for over 30 financial institutions for digital and physical transactions, and supplies the Indonesian Immigration office with an automated biometric identification system.

In a bid to achieve cyber sovereignty, Thales offers end-to-end cybersecurity solutions. The Group is a leading supplier of smart city solutions, too, furthering efforts in creating a safer city for citizens. 

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Enabling safer skies in Indonesia

Thales has installed close to half of Indonesia’s aerospace infrastructure, supplying air traffic control centres, radars, and navigational aids. Our TopSky-ATC air traffic management system in Makassar supports more than 1200 arrival, departure and overflight movements per day. Extensive training was also provided to ensure that local teams can operate the system independently, achieving global best practice and standards for air traffic management. 

Thales’ AVANT in-flight entertainment system flies onboard Garuda Indonesia’s fleet of A330neo aircraft, serving passengers on board with an unparalleled flying experience.

Enhancing connectivity in Indonesia

Thales has a strong foothold in the Indonesian space market with telecommunications satellites. Our first satellite in 2007, the Palapa-D, marked the first time a non-American company gained foothold in the Indonesian space market. The upcoming SATRIA satellite, the largest satellite set to launch in 2023 in Asia, will connect approximately 145,000 areas including schools, hospitals, and regional governmental sites.

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Transport in Indonesia

Thales is a global player with an impressive track record in the field of rail transportation systems, both in the freight and passenger transport markets with expertise ranging from greenfield projects, to upgrades and modernisation of existing rail infrastructure. Rail transportation has become an important topic in Indonesia with the recent governments focusing on developing its national and urban infrastructure. Through close collaboration with partner PT LEN Industri, Thales will address the needs of these markets.

Our signalling systems have been supporting Indonesian Railways (PT KERETA API Indonesia) since the 90’s. The reliability of these systems has been proven for more than two decades and in 2019 the first modernisation of the signalling systems was initiated in Jogjakarta and Solo area.

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