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Thales in the Republic of Korea


Thales has been present in Korea since 1983, supporting the country’s ambitions and local industry in the defence, civil aviation, and digital identity and space sectors. Headquartered in Seoul, Thales employs over 65 people engaged in providing solutions that help customers make critical decisions. With a strategy of strong collaboration with key local industrial players, Thales is helping build local expertise in Korea by engaging in transfer of knowledge, technology and production.

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Local cooperation

Thales has, in the course of many military programs over the past years supported building local capabilities with our Korean partners. Thales actively supports Korean military research bodies by providing equipment, technology and engineering assistance in the development of local equipment.

Thales also partners with many key industrial players such as renowned companies like Hanwha Systems, LIG Nex 1 etc.

In the space domain, Thales over the past 20 years has continuously reinforced its local presence through close industrial cooperation with partners such as Hanwha Systems, KAI and KT SAT among others. 

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Pioneering the technological capabilities of all Korean forces 

Thales has been a supplier of equipment to the Republic of Korea Navy since the early 1990s. Radars, sonars, IFF and fire control systems have been supplied as well as the Flash dipping sonar and sonobuoy solution for the maritime operation helicopters. 
In air defence, Thales is recognized as a long-term partner of the armed forces and industry and has participated in the K-SAM, Chunma project by supporting technical cooperation with Korean industries and supplies various sub-system for KM-SAM, Chungung. 

Enabling safer skies in Korea

Thales has been a key partner of Korean Air since 2009 for the supply of In-Flight Entertainment solutions enhancing flying experience with Korean airlines. 
As a major supplier of airborne mobility solutions, Thales has built the air traffic management center of Incheon International Airport and provided radars and instrument landing system to several airports such as Muan, Yeosu, Ulsan, Gimpo, Gimhae and Jeju airports. 
Thales also supplied electronic tubes for scientific and medical industrial activities and transmitters for radio broadcasting and high-speed digital television. 

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Enabling Korea’s space ambitions

Thales has been in a long-standing partnership with Korean space agencies and companies on a number of space programs, including multipurpose geostationary missions, the Koreasat satellite telecommunications family (Koreasat 5, 5A, 6, 7 and 6A), Earth observation missions (KOMPSAT 3A, 5, 6 and 7 and CAS-500 family), Korea’s lunar exploration program (KPLO) and Korea’s satellite navigation augmentation system which will greatly enhance the quality of life and safety by ensuring air traffic safety, facilitating emergency responses and rescue. Thales is also committed to developing a constellation of four high-resolution observation military radars satellite for the Korean government. 

Accelerating Korea’s digital transformation

Thales provides a wide range of solutions that ensures reliable connectivity in mobile, banking & payment, ePassport and enterprise security. For example, 4G, 5G and the state-of-the-art flagship smartphones and connected cars in automotive. Thales is also leading the market by providing the financial cards including security functions, data security solutions such as HSM (Hardware Security Module), HSE (High Speed Encryptor), USB security dongle, Cloud-based RSM (remote subscription management), analysis through AI and the next-generation ePassport, including biometric authentication solutions of eGovernment and mGovernment in Korea. 

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Transport in Korea

Thales has been present in the Korean transportation market since 2002. Thales secured eight urban metro projects (URS) and eleven main line projects (MLS) in the country. As a result, Thales is known as a leader in high-tech rail signalling for both urban rail and mainline sectors in close collaboration with Korean players such as Hyundai Rotem, Woojin and DaeaTi. Thales also collaborates with Korean Prime contractors such as Hyundai Rotem, LS ELECTRIC for export projects in 3rd party countries. In 2016, Thales opened revenue services for two metro line driverless operation systems by CBTC (Communication based Train Control): the southern extension of the SinBundang Line (Jeongja-Gwanggyo) and Incheon Metro Line 2. In 2018, following the opening of Gyeongchun and Jeolla Lines, our main line system successfully supported the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. Thales also secured contracts for the CBTC signalling system of SinBundang Line Gangnam-Yongsan in 2018 and went into revenue services first between Gangnam and Sinsa section in 2022. For the on-board signalling system of Incheon line 2, six trains were further added in 2019 and for the signaling system of Incheon line 2, two stabling lines in depot were added in 2020.

Events in the Republic of Korea

Thales regularly participates in local events in South Korea to showcase its expertise and meet local actors of our main markets. Whether you are interested in defence, digital identity and security, aerospace or other market specific solutions, there should be a date and a place to meet us.

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Careers at Thales in the Republic of Korea

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