In Austria and Hungary, Thales is market leader in the field of signalling and train control technology (ETCS).
In Bulgaria and Slovenia Thales is the first company to have implemented the ETCS Level 1 system in the country.
Main Line Rail is the main business of Thales in Austria. Customers at both the national and international levels can rely on extensive experience and unparalleled skills in the implementation of wide-ranging projects, including turn-key projects. Due to its innovation and international commitment, the team at the Vienna facility was awarded the status of a competence centre within the Group back in the mid-1990s. The products and systems in operation range from electronic interlocking systems over train control and traffic management systems, field elements, like point machines, axle counters and signals (LED) up to safety and security management systems, like check points, automatic signal controlled warning systems, access control systems and supervision systems.

In order to create the best solutions for its customers, Thales relies on long-term relationships. In 2016, Thales is to celebrate 25 years in the Hungarian market. All these years, Thales has been able to establish itself not only as the market leader in the field of signalling and train control technology, but has also, as a result of a strong Austrian-Hungarian cooperation, played a major role in creating the infrastructural and operational preconditions for rail transport to become more efficient and more attractive for both passengers and freight.
I am convinced that high-performance and competitive public transportation networks are indispensable fundamental prerequisites for sustainable and prosperous commercial and social development. In Austria. In Europe. Worldwide. Our team in Austria is driven by the motto “get the best out of your infrastructure”. We have made it our key mission to make important professional and innovative contributions to modern, ecologically sound and commercially viable mobility. DI Dr. Alfred Veider, CEO Thales Austria

Competence centre

As a competence centre, Thales in Austria is also responsible for a technology platform for all forms of function-critical transport applications. This involves combining a wide range of hardware and software components with appropriate methods and instrumentation to establish safe and reliable real-time systems which are used in over 60 percent of all signalling technology solutions installed by Thales worldwide.

In addition, the success enjoyed with ERTMS/ETCS applications (European Rail Traffic Management System/European Train Control System) was key to the Vienna site being selected as a competence centre for ETCS Level 1 solutions.

European Train Control System

The Thales site in Vienna has been selected as a competence centre for ETCS Level 1 solutions. As a full system provider, Thales offers ETCS Level 1 and ETCS Level 2 solutions both for transportation infrastructure as well as for rolling stock. Customers from Europe to Asia rely on Thales ETCS trackside and on-board solutions in order to increase the quality of railway transportation in their country. By modernising the railway infrastructure of several customers within Europe Thales contributes to the development of the Trans-European-Network and helps to remove operational barriers on the European railway infrastructure. In 2012 Thales underlined its leading role as ETCS supplier through signing one of Europe’s most important ETCS projects in Slovenia.
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Electronic interlocking

Austria is the country with the highest density of electronic interlockings and Thales is market leader in supplying this technology in Austria. Furthermore, Thales Austria’s electronic interlockings are in operation in Hungary, Bulgaria and Switzerland. The Thales system offers the highest level of safety (SIL4) and availability. It offers functions such as remote control, automatic train operation and integrated block functionality, as well as standardised interfaces to Radio Block Centres (for ETCS L2), SCWS (Signal Controlled Warning System) and other peripheral systems.
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Operation Management Centre

Next to ETCS and electronic interlockings, the Austrian railways, as well as international customers, rely on the concept of Operation Management Centres (OMC). This solution combines a set of fully integrated modules, such as Automatic Train Route Setting, Automated Shunting and Customer Information, etc. Thales supports this concept by supplying OMCs for the Austrian railways and several other international customers. The Thales solution can be modified for urban as well as local railways and already proofed their functionality in both sectors. Productivity is increased through the highest level of automation with a maximum of operational safety.
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