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Thales in Bulgaria


Thales is a key supplier in Bulgaria in the areas of defense, especially in the air surveillance domain and in air traffic management with the support of local industry. 

Thales has provided communication solutions to the Bulgarian Air Force. In the frame of the ACCS ASBE  software programme, Thales already installed the incryption from TNOR VCS Red/Black. 

Thales also supplies crypto equipment, which enables armed forces, NATO and governments to communicate securely and protecting their most valued secrets. As a NATO member, Bulgaria benefits from the TNOR crypto. 

Thales is a historical supplier of the Bulgarian Civil Aviation, delivering approach and in-flight surveillance radars, navigation aid equipment and air traffic control resources – including VOR, ILS, DME & TACAN – to equip the main airports of the country (Sofia, Vitosha, Varbitsa, Varna & Burgas).

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